These are a set of ideas put forth by CAKE. The numbers are in the font Garmond Pro, which exhibits the traditional placement of each number in relation to the baseline. Aimee first began to study the history of time-keeping, math, and art in Arthur Corwin's Math and Art course at the Cooper Union. The course focused on Ice Age methods of time keeping and art. Aimee's particular interest was deriving clues to these histories from letterforms, punctuation, basic symbols, and numbers still in use today. She also studied liguistic and sound origins of words that have not changed much over time - such as nick, nix, tick, claws (paws), clause (pause), eve, eave, dawn, damn, spoon, card, and jack. Corwin's class also focused on the Tarot and the meaning behind such characters as Santa Claus, vampires, the devil, the joker, and the jack.