Pippi, in response to Annika's question about the uses of an empty bottle:

"What am I going to use the stupid empty bottle for? How can you ask anything so stupid? A boat is, of course, the most important thing when you're going to be shipwrecked, but next comes an empty bottle. My Father taught me that when I was still in the cradle. 'Pippi,' he said, 'it doesn't matter if you forget to wash your feet when you're going to be presented at court, but if you forget the empty bottle when you're going to be shipwrecked, then you might as well give up.'"

"Yes, but what are you going to use it for?," insisted Annika.

"Haven't you ever heard of a bottle letter? You write a letter and ask for help," said Pippi. "Then you stuff it in a bottle, put the stopper in, and throw the bottle into the water. And then it floats to someone who can come and save you. How on earth do you think you could be saved otherwise? Leave everything to chance? No Sir!"

"Oh, I see," said Annika.