T-bone, sirloin, porterhouse,
filet mignon,
or other great steak

cracked pepper
kosher or sea salt (coarse)

1/2 lemon per person
2 Tbs. oil
very hot grill

We follow the advice of the Cook's Bible (by Christopher Kimball, editor of the wonderful Cook's Illustrated magazine) and prepare steak in the style of Tuscany. It is so simple, and makes for a great steak experience.

Get a very hot grill going. Then mix together a bunch of freshly cracked pepper and some kosher (coarse) salt. The proportion of salt to pepper is about 3/4 pepper to 1/4 salt, or to taste. It is better to be conservative with the salt. (Our 3/4 pepper mix is actually less salty than Kimball's original recipe suggests.) You will need to make enough of this mixture to encrust both sides of each of your steaks. (Yes, you may need to grind a lot of pepper if you do it yourself, but this is the only effort for the whole recipe!) Then you press your steak in the mixture and make sure it is well covered.

When the steaks are ready to go, check the grill. The grill should be so hot that you cannot hold your hand 5" over it for more than a three-one-thousand count. Oil the grill a little. Then you grill the steaks three to four minutes per side. We do 3 1/2 minutes per side for 1" thick meat. The salt/pepper crust will seal in the juices of the steak perfectly and add tons of flavor. Yes, this recipe is made for a rare or medium rare steak. It may be great for well-done too, but we haven't tried it. When done, bring inside and put the steaks on dinner plates.

The last crucial touch is that you quarter a lemon whilst the steak grills. Then you serve each person's steak with two lemon wedges to squeeze over their steak as they eat it. This sounds odd as a steak condiment, but we thought it was so delicious that we will never go back to steak sauce - or grilling steak in other methods. We thought the lemon was a perfect foil for the meat - it really doesn't even taste lemony, just great!

Note: We like filet mignons as the perfect per person portion for this recipe.